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Imprinted Concrete

Although imprinted concrete is one of the hardest wearing surfaces used for driveways and patios it will still require re-sealing every 4-5 years. This will help to prevent loss of colour or general degradation of the surface.

We specialise in the restoration of this surface. We will always pressure clean the concrete first to remove any dirt or algae that may appeared on the surface over time. We may also need to re-tint the concrete prior to any sealants being applied if it has lost some of its colour over time.

Once sealed with 2 coats of high-quality Smartseal™ sealer, we would always recommend applying another coat of imprinted concrete sealer once every 3 - 4 years. This will it looking like new and help to protect your driveway or patio from future wear and tear.

You can see the transformation of imprinted concrete after the refurbishment process by clicking here.

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